View Full Version : 10% Xmas discount - SDS IsoplatMat & IsoFeet

07-12-2014, 08:26
This offer is available to forum members, the link below is a dedicated discount page on the SoundDampedSteel.com website, it is a direct link which is not part of the website navigation so if you browse off the page you will need to go back via the link.

10% off purchases till 14th January.


08-04-2015, 12:45
Can vouch for the Isofeet, have a couple of sets of them.
Initially just for my turntable, but tried a set under my Transporter and really improved things.
Both sources really improved with Isofeet under them.

Will be kitting the rest of my system out with them, they are that good.
Will be asking Les to make a custom 115mm disc of Isofeet material for under my TT motor at the time too.

Highly recommended, best isolation products I've ever used.

30-04-2015, 14:14
I have just ordered a set of these to try in various places in my system.
The product looks good, and if it works well I may order some more.

30-04-2015, 15:48
Both products are excellent, Kevin. The IsoplatMat should be regarded as mandatory for use with a stock Technics SL-1200 platter (in conjunction with an optimal vinyl interface mat on top, such as an Achromat or similar).

The Isofeet are very effective indeed, as I use them in critical areas of my system to combat the effect of unwanted vibration. You're in for a treat! :)


10-05-2015, 19:05
Well, I am impressed. They work exceptionally well.
I have them sat on a glass shelf supported by sorbothane. My Isonoe equipped SL1200 is sat on top and there seems to be an increase in clarity and separation. Well worth the asking price in my opinion.

I am going to try them under my pre amp and CD player, and if they work as well there, I am likely to be ordering another two sets.

10-05-2015, 19:22
For your pre and CD player, just for giggles, take the feet off if you can and try them directly under the casework of your kit sitting directly in your shelf.

I was bowled over by the improvement this way compared to just sitting them under the units feet, or sitting on Sorbothane pads.
It's the way I'll be using them for all my kit, once everything's in place.