View Full Version : Lip Synch Question.

01-12-2014, 12:19
Having sold on my Samsung UE 4600 6000 series LED TV, it's new owner can't seem to get the lip synch sorted, and I can't find the instruction manual, so, anyone here know how to tackle the problem?

He says putting the screen into 'Game' mode sorts it, but drops the quality of the picture, which he obviously doesn't want.

01-12-2014, 12:36
lip sync through its native tuner or an external source?

01-12-2014, 12:57
External...Sky box, sorry.

01-12-2014, 13:17
digiral pic connection and analogue sound connection usually cause this and usually are so far out that the adj delay wont fix it

01-12-2014, 13:44
Yeah......he is doing it that way, Sky box audio output into a 2 channel non AV amp.
I can't remember if there's a pair of RCA sockets on the TV either.......

01-12-2014, 14:16
if i take analogue out of dvd or tv to my yamaha soundbar ot is way out and the delay adj cant sync it. i have to take out a digi signal

01-12-2014, 14:22
Sky box has an audio delay setting, in the setting menus you can add xxx milliseconds until you resolve it

its the processing in the TV that cause it,

the less fancy processing functons the TV is set to use the better