View Full Version : Looking for a new telly?

22-11-2014, 19:35

User reviews are good.

"For $1 more you can buy the city of Detroit."

"The black levels and color depth on this TV are pretty good for the price. However, the small screen size is a deal breaker. I recommend buying an IMAX theater instead."

"I had the opportunity to save 24,000 lives in Africa. I decided this curved TV would be better for the world. Thank you Samsung. You are a savior. "

"Great tv! I had to return it though cuz the TV fell through my ceiling and into my butler's quarters."

22-11-2014, 19:38
Why not buy one for your bedroom Aswell ;-)

22-11-2014, 19:46
That would be your bedroom :eek: :lol: