View Full Version : Nagaoka AND Tonar Anti-static LP sleeves

14-10-2014, 08:23
RFC can now provide stocks of two types of LP inner sleeves: The very popular Nagaoka anti-static inner sleeves and also possibly the world's best sleeves, the Tonar plastipap ant-static sleeves.

See HERE (http://www.referencefidelitycomponents.co.uk/product/nagaoka-antistatic-record-sleeves/) for details and ordering of the Nagaoka sleeves

Prices: Nagaoka = 24 per pack of 50

Paper sleeves leave dust on the record and polyethylene sleeves cling to the record. When removing the record from the sleeve, the polyethylene generates a static charge which attracts the sleeve to the record and causes the dust caught between the sleeve and the record to scratch the record. The world famous Nagaoka Discfile no: 102 is anti-static and super slippery thus leaving the record completely unharmed.
Sold in packs of 50 sleeves

Tonar Plastipap = 19 per pack of 25 (please PM me to order these)

Tonar plastipap antistatic record inner sleeves (25 pieces) are made of super antistatic plastic paper reinforcement inside the plastic. This combination gives you both a dust free anti-static protection for your valuable records as well as additional strenght to avoid folding and creasing of the sleeves when sliding the sleeve in and out of the record album. This model 5311 plastipap is suitable for LP records only (12 inch-30 cm).