View Full Version : A new A/V amp what should I get, or do I stick with what i've got

Jac Hawk
28-09-2014, 14:49
So here's my question, I 've got a Marantz SR5400 and as an A/V amp it makes a damn good fist at both music and movie, so for the lounge where space is limited it's the best of both as far as i'm concerned, however it doesn't have any HDMI inputs so the wiring is more complicated than it needs to be. So do I keep the one i've got or upgrade to probably another Marantz as I like the build and the fact that they haven't completely forgotten about music. Over to you guys, any suggestions will be gratefully accepted

28-09-2014, 14:54
Hi Mike

Good to see you back around here again.

Re the Marantz is it really worth changing just to get HDMI connectivity? I'd stick with the one you have and spend the money on something that would actually be an upgrade.

28-09-2014, 15:08
+1 to that. HDMI can have its own problems and one companies version ain't anothers etc. Industry standard is often amiss. If it sounds great as is then I'd keep it that way till it needs changing.