View Full Version : Black Rhodium Speaker cables

07-09-2014, 08:47
If you want to try some budget cables without breaking the bank and want a change from the ususal suspects (may of which are Chinese sourced) you could do worse than to try some UK made Black Rhodium cables:

BR Twist: Just 3.50 per metre (bare). That won't break the bank and it's decent sounding cable, very flexible too.

BR Twirl: heavier duty (2.5mm2) for longer runs and more demanding loads. Superb cable at just 11.80/m (bare)

I am happy to terminate in Z plugs or spades, Contact me for your requirements and a price.

I can provide the whole range of BR speaker cables so why not have a look on their website, choose one you're interested in and come back to me for custom terminations, or just the supply of the cable.



Support YOUR audio industry and buy British!