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27-07-2009, 17:55
...... Or what?

Fantastic description of some speaker cable found on t'interwebby :D
Features:FS-3 The wire is made elaborately of the basic material of electrum foil,(which is smelted by using the most advanced technology vacuum smelting at present), by using the patent structure technology of the multi-layer structure of Sandwich, on which our company has the independent intellectual property; winding isolation medium of polythene or polypropylene with superior dielectric constant among the layers to separate the positive electrode and the cathode; adorning the exterior of the layer with comfortable and soft and thick PVC, so as to fix the wire to form a shape; adorning the final exterior of the layer with luxury nylon jacket with the performances of best elasticity, soft touch, easy restoration, beautiful and graceful appearance; fixing four well-treated gild loops at the ends, which has a strong shielding effect of preventing short circuit against the stray radio waves from the exterior; especially, selecting Germen WBT plugs with OFC copper sandwich and high elasticity and excellent performance or selecting the topmost banana-like plugs with best connection, so as to make the whole wire a luxury feeling either from vision or touch.
As everyone knows, argentine is the metal conductor with best electric conductivity in the nature, followed by bullion and copper. However, the problem related to the argentine is that: when it fuses into the shapes as needed by using the hot melt method, the molecule particles of argentine would become cool one by one, as a result, the molecules would become "crystal beads" with clearances among them. It is just like if you put many small steel balls in one container, there would certainly occur many small interspaces and cavities among the balls. When the current signal passes by, it would be detained upon meeting such interspaces, only after changing its transmission direction instead of going straightly can it be transmitted to another molecule. Such bypassing transmission of signal would certainly slow down the transmission speed, as a result, cause losses on dynamic and micron dynamic of signal transmission. In order to make up such losses to a great extent, we adopted the gold filling method, which is the most advanced and expensive method at present: uniform mixing 5% 24k billion into the molecule space of 95% 4N argentine to pass the audio frequency smoothly, so as to ensure the rich overtone and strengthen the transmission speed to a great extent as well as make dynamic and micron dynamic satisfy people.
Because the foil speaker wire can be used to improve the "skin effect" of high frequency signal during the transmission process of conductor to a great extent, reduce effectively characteristic impedance of the transmission cables. So it means that bigger transient current can pass. Meanwhile, because the inductive reactance of the structure is very low, it would cause the phrase of signal to approach zero. In addition, excellent superconduct characteristics of the basic material comprising bullion and argentine can make the wire not only have all superiorities of FS series speaker wires, but also have a lasting appeal of being noble magnificent, graceful and elegant.
The audition shows that the most outstanding advantage of this kind of wire is noble, real, relax and natural expressions, which can make music vivid, vigorous, more exquisite and sharp, completely restoring the most slight information. Timbre expressed through the wire is sweet, beautiful, thick, smooth, carefully polished, which can make the audiences happy.

Go on, you know you want some! ;)

27-07-2009, 17:59
That's gotta be a piss-take...Showz da link! :lol:


27-07-2009, 18:35
I'll bet good money, (Marco's not mine, he's got more to spare ;) ), that they are made in China - they have a certain way of using the English language which I used to think was due to their incomplete knowledge but which experience has taught me is deliberate as it gives them something to hide behind (use to wriggle out of undestandings). They word it such that you have to work out for yourself what you think they are saying, thereby misleading yourself. :steam::steam::steam:

27-07-2009, 19:00
DaveC is awarded one chocolate Noddy for being 100% correct! :)

There are many more like it...

27-07-2009, 19:03

The basic material used import speaker wire, which can make the music fuller, thicker, heavier, smoother and more comforting. The medium high frequency resolution capacity is good. The density and sense of hierarchies of the medium low frequency are substantially enhanced. The low frequency has good sense of condensation, first class penetration and satisfactory elasticity. The full frequency channels are very well balanced.

ebay can be such fun! :)

27-07-2009, 21:33
first class penetration and satisfactory elasticity

Sounds like an email for Viagra. Any more stuff like this Mike and it'll be the naughty step for you!


:scratch: :ner:

The Vinyl Adventure
27-07-2009, 22:36
there is a lot of nonsense talked in the hifi world but that really takes the gluten reduced, chocolate nodule enhanced, superbly truckle shaped, stiffly cooked flattened oat sphere

27-07-2009, 22:43
Sounds like an email for Viagra. Any more stuff like this Mike and it'll be the naughty step for you!

Say what?.... I know where you live! :steam:

27-07-2009, 22:45
there is a lot of nonsense talked in the hifi world but that really takes the gluten reduced, chocolate nodule enhanced, superbly truckle shaped, stiffly cooked flattened oat sphere

Is that a 'Biscuit'? :smoking:

The Vinyl Adventure
27-07-2009, 23:27
im not saying biscuit... but im also not not saying biscuit!

28-07-2009, 13:03
Lol, nice find. It reminds me of the ebay listing for the valve pre-amp I recently bought, it contained the quote: "What Hi-Fi, very tight fit!". I have no idea what they were getting at but it made me chuckle. :lolsign: