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29-08-2014, 13:24
Below is a report from an independent noise consultant about some SDS speaker stand top and base plates we experimented with. IsoFeet are manufactured from the same material, the IsoPlatMat uses the same principal but is either aluminium or stainless steel.

I can supply SDS steel to individual requirements either as a flat sheet or cnc'd to precise drawings.

The summary colour graphic for the results is attached. The tests were carried out as follows:-

All tests measure the transfer of vibration from the speaker platform to one of the base spikes. This function is commutative i.e. it works both ways (vibration from the floor to the speakers or vibration from the speakers to the floor).

The 4 test conditions are:-
i) no damping or inert infill;
ii) inert filler in tube;
iii) inert filler plus SDS speaker plate;
iv) As iii) plus SDS base plate.

As expected, the results show a remarkable reduction in vibration response at the structural resonances which could "colour" the sound produced by the speakers. The Y axis is in decibels with 5dB steps. A 10dB change in vibration level is a factor of 3 (i.e. a 10dB reduction means that the vibration has been reduced to one third) and a 20dB reduction is a factor of 10 (i.e. a 20dB reduction means that the vibration has been reduced by 90%). 30dB = x30; 40dB = x100. The SDS top plate reduces the vibration by x100 or more over much of the frequency range. Adding an SDS base plate reduces the remaining resonances by a further factor of up to x100 (a total of x1000 at some frequencies compared with the inert filler alone). This is a phenomenally good result.

I also notice from the magazine review of the equipment stand that the reviewer was concerned about colouration due to the resonant glass shelves. Replacing these with laminated steel shelves (a stainless top layer would look good - or rest the glass on top of the steel) would provide a massive improvement in this area.

29-08-2014, 19:23
I don't suppose you have photos of the arrangement?

Also, does this mean you are contemplating making SDS shelves to swap for glass shelves on racks? I might be interested in something like that.

30-08-2014, 06:48
I don't have photos, I developed the plates for another stand manufacturer so the photos aren't mine to share. I am interested in making shelves, I'm looking into the standard sizing, what size were you considering? send me a sketch and I'll investigate.