View Full Version : Crossover Rebuilds & Design Services

08-08-2014, 11:03
Want to bring your tired old speakers back to life? Often it's just a crossover refresh that's needed; mainly capacitor replacements in existing crossovers.

RFC has several years of expert loudspeaker rebuild services under its belt and can undertake passive crossover rebuilds for virtually all loudspeakers.

In addition to this service, RFC also offer new crossover design services (if for example you want to build your own speakers) plus upgrading services for existing crossovers including:

Replacement of existing inboard crossovers with new high quality external crossovers;

Replacement of existing ferrite inductors with like for like air cored inductors for lower distortion
complete redesign of existing crossovers where appropriate to offer the best possible performance from your existing speakers

These services are undertaken properly, using in depth knowledge of loudspeaker design, appropriate and accurate tools including impedance measurement of drivers and accurate acoustic measurement of speakers.

In all cases for component selection, very fine tolerances (1% for capacitors and inductors) is made possible by virtue of specialist measurement devices and inductors are all hand wound to tolerance for accurate left/right channel balancing.

The cost? If it's just a simple crossover capacitor like for like change and your existing boards can be sent to us, then in the case of electrolytics, these only cost a few pounds each to replace. Our typical charges are the cost of parts plus time charge at 25/hr flat rate based on a minimum one hour charge, so crossover boards can be refurbished for as little as 50 the pair.