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The Sound Practice
06-08-2014, 10:31
Keith Aschenbrenner at Auditorium 23 is a true artisan, hand making beautifully subtle components that simply respect the music.

The Auditorium 23 cables are hand-made rather than "off the roll" like most other cables and designed specifically for high efficiency loudspeakers. They utilise a unique blend of natural materials to create a beautifully proportioned, unforced presentation that is both subtle and irresistible.

The magic about the Auditorium 23 transformers can't be discerned by what you see on the outside. Their plain exterior cloaks the magic within, their true essence is the time-consuming research & development that Keith put into building just the right transformers to match the Denon 103 and Ortofon SPU to allow them to blossom and create the musically realistic sound he craves. The result has to be heard & felt to be fully appreciated.

We have demo items available for trial.