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28-06-2009, 12:42
Why is there so little interest in Quad 77 boxes on eBay?

They are well made and stand firmly in the Quad tradition, even if the remote control was over designed, ahead of it's time and a real pain!

Sand Dancin Donkey Walker
28-06-2009, 13:01

Iím not sure I would trust ebay to show me the way for Quality or Taste in anything, to be honest.

I think a lot of Ďebayersí wouldnít see Quality or Taste if they tripped over it. Some of the good stuff (to me anyway) sometimes goes for nothing then later the same gear can go for large amounts.

Itís very up and down in that respect, itís no reflection on itís real or perceived value :scratch:

Andy - SDDW

28-06-2009, 13:33
Agreed. Yet there does seem to be a steady market in Quad series 2, 3 and 4 and the 606, 707 and 090 power amps.

It's the poor 77 boxes that don't seem to move.

28-06-2009, 21:26
Maybe the reason is that it was poorly designed, sounded bland and was extremely unreliable. As Quad dealers at the time, we really struggled to sell this range against budget equipment and the constant revisions and product recalls were a pain.

Apart from that it was OK. :steam:

28-06-2009, 21:52
I wonder about you sometimes Dave :lol:

The 77 series was musical, sweet toned with "atmosphere" and we sold a good few (and compared it fairly with Crofty things that friends/clients had bought from you when you were twelve miles down the road - it didn't disgrace itself, lets put it that way, although I'd never have dreamed of switch-selling to one....

What really messed things up was the 77 remote control, which was an unreliable disaster at first and took Quad over the edge into near bankruptcy.