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13-03-2008, 13:15

I worked at G.W.Smith and Co (radio) Ltd as Saturday boy at #34 in the late 60 and ended up managing it by 1971, in those days I could have sold NOS (government surplus) KT66s for 2/11d :lol: (15p)

G.W.Smith had an old warehouse where the old brewery used to be at High Barnet. In the early 70's it was cleared out of guv surplus to the tip. Todays value of what was thrown away would be 100s of thousands of pounds :(

Neil McCauley
01-05-2008, 13:38
I see. Were you the grumpy old man who sold me my first ever turntable, the Connoisseur BD1 with 10" platter? Surely not? If so though, I thank you. Not for the turntable but for being the catalyst for me starting Subjective Audio in 1976. I kid you not.