View Full Version : Interesting thing to try for those using their server to watch movies...

23-02-2014, 19:29
New server and new TV in my setup.
As the telly's a plasma I've been keeping the contrast and brightness turned down for the first few weeks.

The tv has LOTS of advanced picture modes and settings, but I've not bothered with any of them other than basic brightness and contrast as I'm giving the set time to bed in and i will eventually get it calibrated properly.

Noticed that watching Blurays the TV had all the advanced settings available, but when watching movies via the server a lot of them were greyed out.
Hmnn...most of my films are on the server so no good for wanting to get the best possible picture when I eventually turn the wick up on the picture settings.

Thought as to why this was happening, and i got it sussed.
The Server (being pc based) was displaying images at 60Hz, the Oppo bluray at 24.

I set the Server to display at 24p and BOOM, sharper picture and all the settings we available.
TV shows are filmed at 50/60Hz, but they cope fine being played via Jriver at 24p.

Big improvement, obviously the TV is smart enough to detect the input signal and adjust accordingly.
Worth having a play with.

Ali Tait
23-02-2014, 21:28
Interesting, cheers mate, I'll check the settings in Jriver.