View Full Version : Re-inventing Old Shows - Does it work?

23-02-2014, 09:15
Lots of people seem to be fans of the re-invented Battlestar Galactica. Just wondering what other shows from the past could/should be brought back.

Mostly it seems to be a bad idea - the new Minder with Shane whatshisname was terrible, as was the re-make of The Prisoner. The new series of The Professionals was dismal compared with the old one. Not sure if anyone has watched the new version of 'Yes Prime Minister' but I found it to be unwatchable - the old one kicks it into the weeds, beats it to death, buries it and then dances on its grave.

The Star Trek remakes had mixed results.

So what do you think was a successful re-invention and what hasn't been done that you would like to see?

There is a treatment on the web somewhere (I'll see if I can find it) for a re-imagined version of Gerry Anderson's UFO that reads like it could be really good. What else?

23-02-2014, 09:19
Here is a link to the UFO re-boot pitch - from '96! Guess it never got of the ground then.


23-02-2014, 09:45
I can't think of a remake of any series that was as good as or better than the original - inevitably something significant is always lost in the remaking process.

One big factor in that is the quality of the acting and story-writing, which more often than not these days is worse, especially with sci-fi shows, as 'impressive' special effects take precedence over good story lines!


23-02-2014, 11:01
l was going to say UFO- loved that show as a kid.

23-02-2014, 11:08
Don't know how many of you remember 'Time Tunnel' but I reckon you could do a great new version of that show, unlimited possibilities for storylines.