View Full Version : New Logitech 24/96 streamer

21-06-2009, 13:56
See this thread


News has leaked out ahead of official release. There is a picture in one of the posts which the Logitech mods may remove.

24/96 at a reasonable price for feeding a Standac. The pretty interface will be of no interest to some, and as has been noted, why have a touchscreen you have to walk to touch?

Note also that the latest version of Squeezecentre will downsample on the fly as it streams to a Squeezebox Classic or Duet. It most practical situations the difference will not be heard.

I have some Gimmel 24/96 files I stream that way, and I cannot hear the difference between the downsampled files at 24/48 and the 24/96 originals played into a 7510 using Foobar with ASIO on an XP PC.

Numbers are not everything.

27-06-2009, 04:22
Brian the speculation developing on the web this week about this “SB Touch” is interesting.
This may be wishful thinking, but 24/96 files streamed and a USB host port to connect direct to external HD files is appealing. If the Touch hosts a version of Squeezecentre, then no need for a PC!