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15-06-2009, 15:25
I really should get out more..........

Anyway, back in the olden days I had a Trichord Clocked/PSU Digital Outboarded Micromega Logic CD which I was feeding into a Pink Triangle Ordinal DAC. I had a Theta Time Linque Conditioner which I thought at the time improved the sound.

Having gone for a Naim CD player four or five years ago I eventually eBayed the kit to some kind folk in Eastern Europe.

Having now got back into the streaming/DAC market courtesy of the Beresford I had a butchers around for something like the TLC. I remember Stan saying that a device like this wouldn't help but hey "I know best". I got hold of a Monarchy DIP this weekend and I've been giving it a listen stuck between an Apple TV (optical in > co-ax out) and the 7520. It wasn't night and day as such but there was a definite improvement in the clarity and detail.
Anyway I was trawling on the internet today about the DIP and read that there is a jumper to select between an upsampling of 48 and 96kHz. I duly opened up the box and found that the jumper was set to 48kHz. Knowing the 7520 is good for 96kHz I thought I'd give the jumper a nudge.

I'm glad I did. Whatever is going on it's like pressing the "Make your hi-fi sound 10 times better" button. I know the source material is only AAC ripped from a CD but whatever is happening is suiting me.

Can anyone offer an explanation to this? I'm starting to think I've got the Emperors New Clothes on or something.

18-06-2009, 20:36
I went back to the non DIP and the DIP back at 48 today. Not as good as the upsampling set at 96. It really does sing.

Technics Fan
10-07-2009, 13:16
I have had good results running a Perpetual Technologies P1a upsampler and P3b Monolithic PSU into a Beresford 7510 mk 4. Managed to feed a 24 bit 96khz de-jittered signal (through CD -Enhance mode) from the P1a into the B*Dac. The results are amazing much more detail soundstage and controlled bass.