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The Vinyl Adventure
12-06-2009, 18:28
i have a mate who is makeing me a little case for my cmoy out of anodised aluminium. i have chatted at length with him about the cost of makeing this sort of things with it in mind to team up with a guy who assembles cmoys and sell them as a complete product... im not sure its worth it because how cheap cmoys can be picked up for.. i imaging it would need to be in the thousands of items to make a worthwhile profit if that makes sence


he builds motorsport bmw's for a racing team and so has the equipment to machine stuff out of varios metals very precisely
we talked about making a small few of these cmoy cases and he said he wouldnt have the time to do it him self but what normally happens when he has a part he needs making many times he designs it and it goes to a company on the same industrial estate for machining
the initial cost of the company creating the the program for machining multiples of the item is in his words "a couple of hundred quid" but there after the production of the end product per item is "relativly very low for simple items"

im jumping the gun here i know but i have just read on another thread somewhere that spiked metal feet for the 1210 are a good idea

i would be interested to here what views peple have on having such a thing made and if aluminium is apropriate

i would also be interested if i was to arange something like this if anyone else would be interested in such feet ? perhaps we could all chip in toward the cost and all get something high quality out of it at the end for realativly speaking good money

if im completely of the mark here or its not worth doing then let me know ... it was just a flash idea that i thought id put to the people in the know (you guys) before i take it any ferther!

literally any thoughts on this are welcome... from colour of the anodised alu to other parts that could be machined

14-06-2009, 11:57
I suspect much will depend on where you place the TT, ie how noisy is the environment in which the TT operates.

Certainly try a hard solution such as spikes or cones but I think that works best where you have lots of mass, such as that provided by some of the slate plinths.
Large Sorbothane feet can work well on TTs so long as they have no other suspension.
You want the ones that look like tennis balls cut in half and not the smaller ones.

Many years ago I had a big JVC DD and that responded well to having the rubber in the feet replaced with large springs.

Just experiment and use the solution that works best.

14-06-2009, 21:37
Check out Disc of Silence from Solid Tech for use as TT feet.