View Full Version : sonos + 7520??

The Vinyl Adventure
31-05-2009, 12:36
im going round to a (shop) customers house tomorrow to talk about options for a multi room system to integrate with his B&O system
he wants it to be as easy to use as possible so im thinking sonos. i havent yet installed any sonos kit as they have only just got the contract at the shop, they havent even had any stock in yet so i dont actually know how good or bad it sounds

has anyone experience with using sonos with a 7520 is there a big improvemnt in sound? i am asuming so, i would just like to here a positive comment about the combination so im not recomending stuff completely blindly if you get me

he has said sound quality is more important than budget (not sure what he is doing with B&O) so i could recomend linn ds kit but i dont think he is likely to notice the difference in quality between the 7520 and majik

(stan: i might have another sale here for you!!)

Martin J
06-06-2009, 09:30
Hi Hamish,

I've just done a quick listening test to get you an answer to your question.

My set up is:
ZP90 with Beresford co-ax digital interconnect
TC7520 with LM4562 op amps and the original Beresford PSU (not the latest)
Naim 82 / Scap / 250 / SBLs

The track I used was Bottom of the Barrel by Amos Lee, ripped to Apple Lossless.

Through the Beresford DAC it sounded a lot better:
- bigger sound stage
- better rhythm; nice funky feel
- more clarity, better definition; more sustain on guitars
- punchier bass

Without the Beresford it was listenable but somewhat dead by comparison.

I hope this helps.