View Full Version : Cabasse launches new speaker at Munich show

Mr. C
24-05-2009, 20:43
Cabasse has launched a brand new stand-mount loudspeaker based on the superb Iroise 3 floor-standing model.
The all new 'Bora' sports an 8 inch Duocell woofer and the cutting edge BC-13 mid range/tweeter unit with a new front ported design.
Coherent have been fortunate to have had a pair of these superb transducers for a few weeks now, the performance of this speaker is nothing short of stunning.
A pretty easy load to drive, works well with a very wide range of equipment.
Those of you which favor the Naim sound, will be pleasantly surprised. Salisbury electronics sound quite special on the Cabasse Ideal range of speakers, and the Bora is no exception.
Valve owners too have a treat in store, due to the easy drive the Bora produces some quite exploratory sounds.
Now on permanent demonstration



Mr. C
27-06-2010, 13:01
The Bora's have just been reviewed in Issue 72 of Hifi plus

Alan Sircom wrote in this months Hifi Plus

'It's deceptively easy to get a good sound out of the Bora-just plonk them in the room roughly in the right place.'

'Most will be beguiled by its effortless musicality. Beacuse of this it puts a smile on your face when ever you play music, whatever the music and that makes it well worth the money'