View Full Version : Cabasse Iroise 3 review Hifi News

Mr. C
23-05-2009, 15:45
Hi-fi News has placed Cabasse's Iroise 3's in the Highly Commended section of their July 2009's edition.

"Consistently engaging and generous music making, it is just plain good fun to listen too-across a wide variety of genres"
"Of unusually high sensitivity but without high colouration, the Iroise 3 delivers the traditional benefits of high efficiency speakers without the common problems"
It doesn't offer the ultimate in hear through transparency, but it will not matter to those who treasure its outgoing, inherently musical nature which tends to turn short listening sessions into long ones"

Superb will low powered valve amplifiers solid state class 'a' variants

The Cabasse Iroise 3 is on demonstration now.