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13-10-2013, 14:37
I have a Toshiba excite pro and I am getting a bushmaster mk1 can I connect to the tablet some how.

Cheers mick

13-10-2013, 14:52
Hi Mick , you need something like these :

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Musical-Fidelity-V-LINK-II-Asynchronous-USB-Adapter-Silver-/251340530886?pt=UK_Computing_Sound_Vision_Audio_Ca bles_Adapters&hash=item3a851024c6

and a coax or optical digital cable .

13-10-2013, 15:06
Thank you,I was hoping I could do it from the head phone out some how

13-10-2013, 15:28
Don't think so mate , maybe I'm missing something and some of the computer experts on here can help further . Hope you get it sorted.

13-10-2013, 15:49
Thank u Brian I think your right

The Grand Wazoo
13-10-2013, 15:56
He is indeed. The DAC needs a digital signal on the input - the headphone socket will give you an analogue one.

13-10-2013, 16:34
Does it have to be the Bushmaster Mick . These are pretty good for the money and will do the job very well.


This should also do the job to get you started .

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FANMUSIC-FM-6011-COAX-USB-to-SPDIF-COAX-Converter-PCM2902E-NEW-/130704673864?pt=UK_Computing_ComputerComponents_So undCards&hash=item1e6e9b0c48

Both are USB however.

13-10-2013, 16:36
He is indeed. The DAC needs a digital signal on the input - the headphone socket will give you an analogue one.

I've been married 22 years Chris and I think this is the first time I've ever been told that I'm right. :lol: Thanks pal.

The Grand Wazoo
13-10-2013, 16:39
If you require a certificate as proof then I'd be glad to provide one!

13-10-2013, 16:41
Might send you a PM later Chris if SWMBO doesn't believe me .:D

The Grand Wazoo
13-10-2013, 16:44

The Grand Wazoo
13-10-2013, 17:11

13-10-2013, 17:28
HA HA HA Thanks Chris . my eyes welled up when I saw this. It will be duly printed, framed and given pride of place in my man cave beside the other quotations which include ' You don't have to attend every argument you're invited to ' :eyebrows: