View Full Version : sony blu-ray tos/coax into 7520 as cd player

The Vinyl Adventure
18-05-2009, 13:30
i have buckled under the presure and bought a sony bdp-s550 blu-ray player ...another f-ing remote to loose!!!
i am going to use the multi channel output for hidef audio in to my yam multi channel amp.
this will obviously leave the coax or optical out (i cant remember which it has) free!
my missis has been moaning that she can never get any music out out the linn ds (she does seem cursed whenever she goes to use it, the media server crashes and she has no idea, despite my telling her, how to fix it)
so... im thinking blu-ray player via digital output into 7520 for her to use as a cd player.
would i be right in thinking that if i play a cd it will output 2 channel digital and the dac will know what to do with the information?
also does anyone have any experience with this sort of set up? will i be likely to sound any good?

18-05-2009, 17:03
It should work quite well basically you be using the Sony as a CD Transport I think the main thing is setting the Blu-ray player to play 2 channel you should be able to do this via the remote I used to use a dvd player to do much the same thing and it worked well in my rig.