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14-05-2009, 18:58
No need for intro. I'll get the ball rolling.......

bigmac, hoover, merc, ,jumbo jet, Bic, shake,coke, T-shirt, are just a few examples of simple names that are easily identified with the product and have stood the test of time. They are well known and used as they are all over the world .
Do you know of any others??

14-05-2009, 19:47
Yale (locks), Google (search), Tannoy (PA systems), Walkman (portable music players) - brand names used interchangeably with the products they represent, regardless of manufacturer, like 'Hoover' and 'Coke'...

Brands so memorable you forget they're brand names! A marketeer's nightmare!

14-05-2009, 19:48
Biro (in the UK), I suspect "Dyson" in the future here too. FCUK, M&S.

Spectral Morn
14-05-2009, 20:11
Jeans.... Pepsi...Levi...Wrangler...Pepsi...Lee.

Regards D S D L

14-05-2009, 20:22
Excellent keep them coming!

how about,
nikeys, raybans, caterpillers, swatch, rolex, ........

15-05-2009, 04:01
docs(dr. martins), a gillette( razor), calsberg(beer), pitta(bread), tabasco(pepper sauce), flymo (grass cutter)

Steve Toy
16-05-2009, 03:18
iPod, Jeep, Land Rover, Fairy Liquid, Stanley (knife)

16-05-2009, 06:26
dettol(anti bacterial cleaner), parker(pen), domestos(chlorine cleaner), pampers(nappies), leica/nikon/canon(cameras) , swiss army knief(multi function tool ),
Boss/Armani(suits), channel dress(clasic short black ladies), Mr.Brown( tin ready coffee- if you dont have its a must especially chilled!!),

14-06-2009, 13:35
Rolls Royce!!

Posiibly not in the future though!!

14-06-2009, 13:35

Same comment as above!