View Full Version : Advice wanted on new Receiver and blueray

Richard Kimber
30-07-2013, 14:53
I'm in the market for a new inexpensive blu-ray/DVD player and an AV receiver for a total of circa 400.

What's the best combination that you would recommend at that price?

I'd thought of Panasonic DMPBDT320 and Onkyo TX-NR515, but I gather that there have been a lot of reliability issues with the Onkyo.

- Richard

30-07-2013, 17:08
Hi Richard,

I am not that up on the 'modern' surround sound technology but what you describe sounds good. I know that both Yamaha and Denon amplifiers have been rated highly in the past so might be worth having a look at them too.

If you are looking to stream video's I would highly recommend the Apple TV 3 too, great bit of kit and reasonably priced (for an Apple product :lol:)!

For Blu-ray It would again be worth looking at Denon too.


Richard Kimber
31-07-2013, 21:39
Thanks, but I think Denon might be a bit more than I was hoping to pay. In the end, I decided on
YAMAHA RXV673, and
for a total of about 650 including next day delivery and refundable extra guarantee payments.

- Richard.

31-07-2013, 21:41

I am sure the system you've plumped for will be more than adequate :)

You'll have to put up a few pics once you have it in place :)