View Full Version : diy-audio-bug / speakers??

The Vinyl Adventure
21-04-2009, 20:36
i have just failed to build a cmoy headphone kit amp. well not completely i got it working through one channel perfectly and made a right faff of the other! fortunately the guy who sold it me seems to be happy to help me

this has given me a diy bug though, the joy of hearing crash test dummys coming out of that one channel has made me want to get intothis even more!
i think i may now see if i can find a short night course or something to help me out with the technicals

in the mean while, i have decided the next thing i want to give a go is a pair of diy speakers.

im thinking something fairly smallish and relativly simple to build.
can anyone halp me with my aspirations

21-04-2009, 21:17
This outfit has a good pedigree, and might satisfy your DIY aspirations.


Difficult to recommend ready built stuff, as you really should hear whatever you are considering, before buying.
We all have different ideas of what constitutes good equipment.

21-04-2009, 21:23
Glad to see you haveing a nice time!, if you want to build something simple, look at sometihing like the Fonken...


Or perhaps something using a Tang Band driver? both of these designs are full range, single driver.

Can you use a jigsaw? a circular saw or maybe a router? if yes the world is your oyster! plus the satisfaction you will get from building your own will be immense.