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25-05-2013, 10:06
On another thread there was a reference to the above, I think I've seen two of these beasties on Ebay over the last few years but didn't bid since they

a) Looked rough as guts and
b) I knew nothing at all about them

Are they any good? Being Australian I'm most curious if we did at some time turn out a good world class turntable. The word "Commonwealth" springs to mind as the possible name they carried.


30-05-2013, 22:36
Both Frank Schroeder and Thomas Schick have fabulous examples of these Aussie broadcast TTs in their collections. Have a look on Google images. My favourites are the 16" Byer and the Commonwealth 12D - Schick had a 12D at the Munich show in a new Schick plinth with his new 10.5" arm. Schick's 16" Byer debuted previously in a huge Dan Dare-style plinth and was christened "Liebenthal", or something similar. Melbourne seems to be good hunting ground for these as I think that's where they were made, along with the Orpheus TTs. People were picking them up for pennies but they are now quite expensive. I nearly bought a 12D at the weekend but wasn't comfortable with the deal - as usual be wary if buying on ebay.



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31-05-2013, 00:44
After posting this I did look at Vinylengine and found that they were indeed "Commonwealth" but absolutely no other information. I take it that they are in fact rather good - I've previously restored an SP 10 and for curiousity's sake would like to do one of these. Had no idea that were a sought after item and will keep an eye out for them.
Any other information anyone?


31-05-2013, 22:34
Any thoughts I had of doing one up went out the window when I saw the price on this:


Gawd, an SP10 body goes for a fraction of that!