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Mr Kipling
09-04-2013, 21:34
Anyone have any particular thoughts? I quite like the look of the arm.

Anyone know what this model is? Never seen one before.

09-04-2013, 21:39
It's a bit rubbish imo. Had one briefly and it was a rumbly old thing. Only paid a tenner for it. Don' think it was a bargain.

09-04-2013, 21:40
That's an AP75 from a few years later :)

The controls feel flimsy and sloppy in fit, but don't let this put you off. It's highly likely the mech will suffer gummed up parts (Garrard grease that is now glue!) and the speed change is a big case in point, so don't over-turn the lever if it feels too tight or jammed.

Sorting these decks out is very well catalogued on Vinyl Engine, where I've chipped in on occasion as well as "our" Beobloke. De-greasing is essential to correct operation and the trip pawls on the main auto cam MUST be removed, cleaned and re-assembled dry, as most seize up solid by now :(

Right, what are these things really like? I have the replacement AP76 as well as a Zero 100. Both decks are mechanically similar under the skin to the AP75 and the tonearm should have good bearings, fairly high mass (not an issue these days) and should take any half decent 1.5 - 2g tracker, such as an AT95E or Rega Carbon at the cheap end, or an Ortofon 2M and Sumiko Oyster/Pearl on the other, with a Pickering XV15/625 in between :) Cartridge mounting sliders seem to be available still (they're the C1 from memory). Audio exit wires to the amp should be replaced though as a matter of course IMO.

Now the bane of these decks - RUMBLE and NOISE from the drive system... My "solution" isn't kosher, but doesn't do long term harm and it's helped a lot. The idler itself is of a soft compound which may get dirty and rough, but shouldn't harden after forty odd years (tha AP75 was a late 60's model). This MUST have a smooth and clean driving edge. The main bearing is either an inverted single point as in the AP76, or a traditional "auto deck" ball race if like the 'changer versions in this series (I've never owned a 75 so don't know). A small quantity of LM2 grease in between the sintered bronze bearing sleeves and a good wash of EP80 on the spindle should minimise slop and keep it smooth and quiet running. These decks LOVE a cork mat on top of the original as well, or the original should be removable if desired. I know the AP75 and SL72B platters are slightly smaller in diameter than the other models of this series, but it shouldn't matter overmuch.

These old Garrards are great fun and IMO don't sound anything like as bad as you'd think znd with good cartridge matching can sound really nice IMO. They're not slick and utterly precise like equivalent Duals, but can sound highly entertaining, the auto functions a godsend at times...

AP76 inverted bearing spindle -


The under-platter picture shouldn't be too different to this -


The AP76 arm is lighter and tracks an AT120E with consumate ease


The Zero 100 I'm running -


Mr Kipling
09-04-2013, 21:49
Thanks. I was just curious. I've seen the name AP75 before, but never a picture.