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Audiocom AV
03-04-2013, 09:54
Hi All

Audiocom have received two excellent reviews of the OPPO BDP-103EU Reference & Signatures players.

The first is by Nicolas Bécuwe - HDFever. This is an in depth review of how the Audiocom modified players compare to the standard OPPO Blu-ray models with screen comparison shots, measured performance and a subjective comparison of the custom and standard players.

“In all honesty, I was really amazed by the quality offered by the OPO BDP-103EU Signature, the gain is huge, mind blowing!” - Nicolas Bécuwe

“Very, very impressed with the OPPO BDP-103EU Signature, so I give it the ultimate reward of Reference Hdfever reward. Congratulations Audiocom!” - Nicolas Bécuwe

The latest is by Jeff Blackman of HCFR;

"The Signature is a new milestone is the video industry. I do not think there is yet another Blu-ray player capable of showing this image quality along with amazing pure and dynamic digital sound. This is a unit for the best systems and for the real fanatics such as us." - Jeff Blackmann



18-11-2018, 15:30
I can honestly say this 103 player and the mods that Audiocom use to get every last bit of quality out of the 103 ( and 105 ) players is top notch :-)

18-11-2018, 15:34
love my 103d.. dont think there are any audiocom mods on it tho. if it improves on mine then they will be very good indeed

18-11-2018, 15:50
they call them "modifications" , their words not mine


not cheap though :-)