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04-04-2009, 17:24
Hi to all,
I have just downloaded the ASIO4ALL . I have followed the instruction manual but i dont have an icon in the task bar for me to run the programme or get into the settings. on the helpsite many others have the same problem but i found no solutions.
Appologies if this has been disccused before in a thread but i did a search on this forum and did not find an answer to this problem. I am using an acer laptop running xp service pack 3. I have real player, monkey audio and foobar.
any divine interventions would be most welcome,

04-04-2009, 18:50
On my PC the icon near the clock only appears once I run an application and access the ASIO4ALL preferences. Then the icon pops up.
Try running Foobar and Monkey Audio and going to its preferences.

04-04-2009, 21:30
Thanks for the reply. on monkey audio the only settings i can find is in tools and then options. it doesnt have preferences for activating asio. in foobar2000 there are preferences but i can't find any for activating asio either. do you have to have specific versions of these audio programmes or add ons to allow for compatibility with asio??:scratch:

Tony G
04-04-2009, 21:36
Firstly, it is not a "program" that needs to be "run".
It is a driver that must be loaded and selected in order to use it.
It is possible to vary some of the settings it uses, Start-All Programs-ASIO4ALL V2- offline settings will access those settings.
The only one you may need to set is the device to be used.

Foobar (Winamp can also use ASIO drivers) must have the ASIO_out dll loaded and you must select and configure the ASIO device through the Foobar preferences.
The ASIO dll is not part of the standard Foobar install (unless it has changed recently) and must be downloaded and installed separately (same applies to Winamp).

Previous versions of ASIO4ALL did not have a taskbar icon and worked fine when setup as outlined above.

04-04-2009, 22:14
Ah thanks. I'm new to this - using the pc as a source for the music.
i think i will use foobar but i can't find where to down load the asio dll driver from, for the foodbar programme. Anyone have any links to one?

05-04-2009, 07:52
Ah thanks. I'm new to this - using the pc as a source for the music.
i think i will use foobar but i can't find where to down load the asio dll driver from, for the foodbar programme. Anyone have any links to one?

Try this. I works for me. You'll have to configure it after installing it in your foobar2000\components folder.


05-04-2009, 13:15
Try this. I works for me. You'll have to configure it after installing it in your foobar2000\components folder.


Thank you very much but i had difficulty with foobar2000 so i switched to winamp and managed to get it working with the ASIO driver that i down loaded. there is a green triangle now on the bottom toolbar and it allows me to access Asio settings when i click on it. i also did all the necessary settings in the winamp preferences. i read that if the asio driver is working correctly then the volume slider in winamp no longer works and you use the pc to adjust the volume which is what i have now. I am now set up but i am waiting for my usb to coaxial/optical adapter that i ordered from hong kong to arrive before i can hook up to the external beresford TC-7510 and from there into my amp. here it is, it cost me 30 pounds inc. shipping and insurance but it has expired on ebay - perhaps they'll list it again. it says it can accept up to 24bits via usb but i haven't a clue if this is feasable and how one would go about this via settings. i ll let you all know how i get on with this adapter ........ :confused:


The Vinyl Adventure
06-04-2009, 16:59
i found aiso4all very easy to set up with foobar2000

i followed this advice from snowflake

"If you're on the Windows platform, I would highly suggest using foobar as the program to play your FLAC files. it has native support for FLAC files (http://www.foobar2000.org/)

Use the ASIO plugin as the output device as the output device in foobar

Use ASIO4ALL to interface the 7520 to your USB

Takes a bit of knocking around before you'll get it to work, but you'll eventually get it.

Do a search for "bit perfect" in Google to find out about how to get the cleanest audio stream from your computer to your audio device."

the asio plugin goes in the componants folder in the foobar install then when you go in to preferances and click about a bit you will find it. as snowflake said it takes a bit of fiddleing but when you get it working it is really good!

06-04-2009, 20:22
I put the same asio driver as winamp in the foobar components folder:doh:
once i realised this and downloaded and installed the asio driver specifically for foobar then foobar works as it should and now shows the green triangle in the toolbar when playing music. however with foobar the buffer slider makes no difference to the sound when moving it to the left i.e. drop outs and the ballon from green triangle in toolbar is always showing the same buffer value for each piece of music but the ballon info changes with each piece of music.
with winamp the balloon info from green triangle matches the asio buffer slider value and when you slide to the left i firstly get drop outs then the music goes fuzzy an incoherent. whats going on here??:scratch: any help appreciated.

Tony G
07-04-2009, 02:04
I think you are tampering with the buffer sizes "on the fly" - leave it alone.
Let it set the default buffer/sample size and don't change it unless you have problems and receive advice on what to set it to.
Volume on all computer devices should be set to maximum - anything else degrades the signal.
Use the volume control on your amp/preamp/headamp instead.
Not everything that can be adjusted either needs to be. or should be, adjusted.

07-04-2009, 04:02
Ah thanks again I'll leave it alone but i now know what tampering on the fly means.:) i still haven't received my usb to dac adapter for the tc 7510. when i do receive it will it work automatically sending an audio signal out of pc to usb or will i have to make some specific settings on the pc to achieve this? what i am asking is if the adapter will work as plug and play like any other usb device.:scratch: thanks

Tony G
07-04-2009, 08:38
I did not pay any attention to what exactly your "usb to dac adapter" is.
It should install under windows as a "usb audio device" - you will then need to select it as the output device in foobar (and possibly in ASIO4ALL also) - otherwise it should be pretty straightforward.

The Vinyl Adventure
07-04-2009, 13:09
any changes made to asio whilst foobar is running take to effect untl it is restarted

21-04-2009, 15:40
Hello all,
I finally got my adapter usb to optical/coaxial


and i find it is working really well. i connected to my main lounge set up and the pc as transport into stans dac blew my current transport - the toshiba xe1 - right out of the water. however it is not practical for me to have the laptop in the lounge and prefer to keep it in the office. there i have set up a second sound system with the pc as source into the usb adapter and then with coaxial into a yamaha av amp and then to mission speakers i had previously in storage. i am very impressed with the sound . flac and wav files are very smooth and clear however i find cds played on the dvd pc drive annoying from the sound of the drive whilst playing.i can't steam 24/96 because i think the asio for all is only for 16 bit transfer over usb. i think i my consider a squeezebox in the future so i can connect the pc in the office wireless to my beresford dac in the lounge. i can now understand why so many convert to pc streaming over conventional methods of playing music.