View Full Version : What difference would bling feet make?

31-03-2009, 17:33
As my tonearm floats on air and my mat is an sds, i was wondering how a feet upgrade would, or indeed could make a difference to my set up.
any views?

31-03-2009, 17:56
I would imagine anything compliant or bouncy would upset the terminator, I would steer clear of the stock feet and isonoe's and go for something more solid. Dave C's low profle sorbothane feet may work ok, I used M6 threaded RDC1 cones in my 1210 with excellent results, the tighter coupling of the rubber base to the surface really pays off IME.

15-04-2009, 07:21
Gareth, I have some isolation feet at the office, I was going to list them but they keep getting put to one side. They are pretty light, I can send em to you so you can try them out if you like.

Tony G
15-04-2009, 09:33
On the basis of recent trials by myself using a rather low compliance cartridge (which will, I think, emphasize any resonance issues), each interface in the system, eg record/platter, cartridge/arm, tonearm/plinth, deck/stand, stand/floor will be a part of a whole resonant system.
A change to any one of these interfaces may create or resolve any issues observed and also alter the observed behaviour of other interfaces within the total system.
Even a change to the loading of an MC cartridge will have effect here (try it and see)

ATM I have tested 2 different arms and 3 differing feet systems whilst maintaining the same cartridge/loading, mat combination and stand.

On a welded RHS stand, spike coupled to parquetry over concrete, with an MDF shelf supported on screw adjustable upturned rubber feet mounted in the stand rails and a mat combination of 2mm silicone topped with 3mm achromat, best results have come from spike coupling to the MDF using metal point pads, next best the stock feet and last the foculpods.
Almost total decoupling of the Rega arm which is sitting on a 2mm "O" ring with the lightest of pressure on the locknut combined with the points has "nearly" given a satisfactory result, almost everything is good bar some slight mistracking on the busiest of orchestral climaxes. I have yet a couple of options to try though I feel this cartridge may need more mass loading than I can balance with the current setup.

Summary and on topic, my preference is with Scoobs on the points as providing a better coupling of the rubber base to the stand and helping it to disippate resonances from the platter/plinth assembly which, with the BMC mass loading all "sits" in/on the rubber base.