View Full Version : NVA ls1 cable is rather good

The Vinyl Adventure
30-03-2009, 13:49
i have for a while been using qed silver aniversary air locked. i work part in a shop that sells it and was sucked in by the cool clamp that we use to terminate.
i started to notice a lot of things in forums about low capasitance (what ever that means) cable with naim kit ie naca5 cable. i then rememberd that i had read a thing that richard dunn of nva had writen about it, in the form of his ls1, with his kit.
i bought the ls1 as aposed to the naim stuff as he offers upgrades and money back if you dont like it
i have only just plugged it in, im at track 10 of primal scream's screamadelica i have it turned up very loud and it is by far the best i have ever heard this album. im not sure if i should be expecting improvement as the cable "runs in" but i am already very pleased. there is a lot more sounds in this music than i remember from before and everthing seems to be projected out the speakers more as well as being less jummbled.(sorry i dont know the audiophile adjectives to describe my self) if you have naim kit, or i guess anything else this stuff deserves a trial. if you dont like it he gives you you bloody money back!!! now that is a no brainer!!!

p.s im not richard dunn in disgise im just quite exited about my new purchace

31-03-2009, 16:18
Interestingly I first heard my current speakers on the end of the QED you mention, and they sounded very poor indeed. Their potential was in evidence though, I am glad I bought them. I have continued down the low cap path, and it gets better & better.

The NVA you mention also has multi solid cores that are individually insulated, which has a bearing on the sound.

31-03-2009, 16:24
Just over a month back I purchased a 5' pair of NVA LS5 speaker cables and the damn things blew me away. To say they focussed what turned out to be a very fuzzy sound is a complete understatement. Everything is now sharply in focus both musically and stereophonically. What was I using before...? QED Silver stranded...!!

judge j
31-03-2009, 17:08
I've just bought some nva interconnects, not bad, better than the ca pacifics I had.

02-04-2009, 08:08
In my experience, NVA cable is very good - especially the LS range of loudspeaker cables - there is a real progression in sound quality up thru the LS range - LS1, LS3 to LS5 - same sort of sound you just get more of it! In terms of grip, control and sheer bass power & energy the LS5 has to be heard to be believed - a most impressive all-rounder.

Avoid the horrid LS2, though - truly grot. It's quite different in construction and materials from the others in the LS range. I really have no idea why it's included! NVA should have a special designation for it - TG1 perhaps :eyebrows:. But, yes, it is cheap!

03-04-2009, 10:29
I'm interested in trying some NVA cables. I'm using QED XT400 at the mo, which replaced TCI Python. I find it bassier and livelier than the TCI, but a little more ragged in the uppers. Anyone had any experience of LS5 versus the XT400?