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29-03-2009, 19:03
I'm thinking of having my SME V rewired at the same time as a service from SME.

I know many have had their SME V's rewired with Kondo silver wire and my question is, is this the same as AudioNote silver tonearm wire? as the two brands seem connected if not the same.

And if it isn't where does one get hold of the Kondo stuff?



Spectral Morn
29-03-2009, 19:54
Hi shahsy

Ummmmm. Difficult and sensitive subject this one. Audio Note UK is not IMHO the same as Kondo. Sadly Kondo died a few years ago but his family continue with his ideas and concepts. Audio Note UK being deliberately vague took his ideas and ran with them in a different direction. So are Audio Note silver cables the same or better or not to Kondo versions (which would be the original source of the ideas) I would not be in a position to say. Ring Kevin at Definitive Audio for a chat....see what he thinks. He is the Kondo distributor. Then chat to Peter Q of Audio Note and see what he says, then make your mind up.

I do like and have a small collection of Audio Note (Japan) ANS and ANV cables very good IMHO. These are about 18 years old.

Regards D S D L

29-03-2009, 20:10
Thanks for the response Neil.

Do any forum member have silver 'Kondo' internal tonearm wire?

Was it branded AudioNote or Kondo?



29-03-2009, 20:30
simon n (my bro) has kondo silver in his pu7. very nice cable imo :) (it was/is branded kondo)

Sand Dancin Donkey Walker
29-03-2009, 22:02
Hi shahsy

I have had my Audiocraft AC 3000 tonearm re-wired byJ7 @ Audio Origami with Kondo Silver Wire, it was a good step forward over the standard OFC Copper wire. In fact so pleased with the results that I had the spare tonearm wand re-wired too.

Nice open clear detail, no restriction of either top or bottom end frequencies. Nothing seems to be added or taken away from the music, good all round balance.

Well pleased with the result, would re-wire any future tonearms the same way again.

Hope that helps, as far as I know, the Kondo and AN cables are not the same. Though I could be wrong, I've never heard them described as being the same source.

Andy - SDDW

30-03-2009, 23:31
Donīt quote me on this but I think J7 told me the Audionote stuff was only 2 strand and therefore much more fragile than the Kondo (7 strand ????). Soundwise - no idea. I had my Ittok cardassed anyway and am over the moon with it - the silver stuff seemed overkill.

01-04-2009, 14:58
definitely different - long story but Peter Q used to be the European distributor for audio note (then a Japanese company) - in the short version peter and Hiroyasu Kondo moved apart and because the Japanese company hadn't registered the name peter Q was able (quite legit) to take the name - audio note re branded to KSL but are also loosely referred to as Kondo, KSL Kondo, Audio note Japan

IMHO both make some nice product that has a strong following - both are daftly expensive but you pays your money etc - Kondo prices are crazy whereas audio note is merely daft

worth hearing if you get the chance