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28-03-2009, 09:08
Mmmm... after spending a couple of hours trawling through Amazon.com I happened upon the CD list by Mr Jason Mraz. I decided to buy his latest offering on the recommendations of other people and have had this CD for around two weeks now. On first listen I was mildly impressed but thought that on the whole, it was rather bland and far too laid back. After listening for an extended period I now know that this CD is very very good.
Jason Mraz sounds very Jack Johnson so if you're heavily against this I suggest you stop reading. His music has a very seventies country folk quality to it with his voice being fabulous. The recording is up there with todays best with no excess compression and no distortion due to recorded level, the whole thing being very high quality. There is one track that contains a Moog style bassline which displays the frequency range of this CD but on the whole it is very well balanced.
The music is largely acoustic with a good helping of electric bass and some real drums (...!!!) how rare is that in todays quantised everything world but the vocals are the stand out thing for me.
Highly recommended