View Full Version : Oooo lovely! My new OC9.

27-03-2009, 12:52
Have just installed my shiny new AT-OC9 as supplied at a great price by Dave C (thanks Dave). :cool:

Even though it's currently in a stock 1210MK5, save or a record clamp and a Sumiko headshell, and even though I can't get the VTA right until I have a headshell spacer and my new, light AT MG-10 headshell, it's still sounding pretty darned good! :)

I'm now toying with whether to sell my DL304 or keep it mounted on a spare headshell as a spare....

27-03-2009, 13:18
Nice one, Steve :)

Keep us posted on how things develop and lets some some piccies!


Magna Audio
28-03-2009, 12:22
ooh so envious - I am awaiting the AT 33PTG I ordered over a week ago.
Hope it comes soon...

28-03-2009, 13:02
the at33ptg's a fantastic cart. i'm using it now and although it's not as fun as the 103 series, it brings its own signature sound to the table. you'll really enjoy it.

Magna Audio
28-03-2009, 16:54
I was getting a bit worried about when I would receive it from Audio cubes - sent them an enquiry and got a response in a few mins that is is being shipped...
Fingers crossed.

I choose it for it's relatively high output and others have said it pairs well with the Dynavector P75 phono amp I have.

Audio Cubes have obscene amounts of TT and TT accessory porn...


28-03-2009, 17:39
I don't know how the latest examples are, but in decades past I'd suggest running the cart at 1.7 - 1.8grammes for a few LP's to settle the suspension in and then reduce the tracking weight to around 1.5 from then on. Tracking seemed fine at this weight and although brightly lit, there was "air" to go with it. this also applied to the OC30, which looks suspiciously like an AT33 series model to me (same basic family sound but with more "power" and "authority" low down, rather than the pungent, ballistic push that Linn cartridges of the time could do)