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16-03-2009, 13:36
I discovered at the weekend that the drive belt had failed on my Aiwa cassette deck. I dug out my other deck from under the bed only to find that the belt had failed on that one too! :(

I rarely play cassettes these days so I'm not in a desperate hurry to get another but I would like to have a working deck just in case.

Is replacing the belts a simple task on old Aiwa decks? (The model numbers are ADF-410 and ADF-370). Alternatively are there any particular models I should look out for second hand? (I want to spend as little as possible).



16-03-2009, 19:31
Square section drive belts are available from here and there, but I don't know about any flat section ones, unless a small turntable belt would do.

Sadly, many machines need partial disassembly to replace such things, but taking the flywheel rear thrust plate off sometimes offers the access you need.....

Alex Nikitin
16-03-2009, 19:57
A good selection of belts is available from CPC (http://cpc.farnell.com/jsp/level5/module.jsp?moduleId=cpc/253574.xml). If you measure the old belt I may check it against my stock and see if I have got a suitable match.


17-03-2009, 23:53
Hi Alex,

I took a look at the site in your link and they do seem to have a good selection but it's not clear which belt I need because I don't know how they measure the length. Is the length typically measured by starting at a point on the belt and traversing the complete circumference back to the starting point or is it typically measured by flattening it down and measuring that way (i.e. giving half the circumference)?

I have removed the belt from the AD-F410 and it is about 0.7mm square in section and about 10cm long when flattened (20cm circumference).



17-03-2009, 23:58
Please disregard my previous message. That particular belt may not have been the cause of the problem after all. :scratch: