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02-01-2013, 16:53
I currently have a pioneer VSX-822 receiver. I am looking for a purer amplification system to handle my Mac mini and bluray player. I have Bowers and Wilkins CM1 bookshelves and I will eventually upgrade. I just left the local Hifi shop and he recommended a few amps.
Rotel RA-1520
Arcam A19
Peach tree nova 125

I am partial to the stainless look and I understand I will need a nice DAC with the amps. My budget for the amp and DAC if needed is $1500. Help me out guys you guys have been amazing so far. Any thoughts on these amps or others

02-01-2013, 17:25
What about this Brandon . Need to br quick though :)


02-01-2013, 17:34
That looks great but I'm in the States

02-01-2013, 17:41
Not Raleigh in Essex then...

I've spent some hours listening to CM1's with Arcam with no ill effects afterwards, so that's probably a great recommendation. Rotel have been making good performing/sounding amps for some decades now so another good and popular one - B&W and Rotel have a tie-up here in the UK.

I don't know the Nova, but choice of these three (you have a good? dealer nearby for good service if things go wrong?) will probably come down to facilities required, colour, cost and power output in all honesty.

02-01-2013, 17:43
Sorry Brandon , thought you were in UK. :)

02-01-2013, 18:11
No problem Brian I am very appreciative of all of you guys thoughts and opinions. One day I'll be in you guys shoes and hopefully I'll be as helpful as you are. Thank you. Raleigh, NC USA

The Grand Wazoo
02-01-2013, 23:10
Brandon, perhaps it would help folks to help you better if you refined your profile details to reflect that you're living in (N. Carolina?) the States.

Rare Bird
04-01-2013, 17:54
You'd be ok there Chris, plenty of Oak trees..