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28-12-2012, 00:49
I am just a couple of weeks into this new project. I recently decided to break away from the out of the box Bose system I've had for years and build a nice component system that will give me clean, crisp, quality sound. I tend to go overboard when taking on new projects so I'd like some guidance on this journey to hopefully save time and money. I purchased a Pioneer VSX-822 receiver to handle all of the HDMI sources. My main audio source is a Mac mini (mid 2010). I have a Vizio 3D bluray player and the display is a 6000 series LED Samsung TV. My speakers are B&W CM1's. I mainly listen to blues, jazz, trance techno and occasionally Hip Hop. There is also the movie aspect like to keep. My friends tell me I need better speaker cable, a power conditioner, a 2channel amp and a sub. What do I really need. What I have sounds really good but I know I can take it to another level. Any advice would be appreciated.

28-12-2012, 08:23
First of all what is your budget
I probably think about a DAC first
I presume you using the interconnects and speaker cable provided if that is the case then changing the cables will help The Belkin pure silver range is great budget cable and should make a good upgrade if that is the case.
A sub will help with the films and if you get a good one can also help with the music
In the long term it might be worth separating your music and film system and getting a dedicated amp I no idea what your amp sounds like but even something like the mini Amptastic should help but no idea how they work with your speakers.
Try and hear a few systems before you spend lots of money as this can be expensive hobby and think will help you get a better sense of what possible

29-12-2012, 06:07
Thanks, I know it's a huge broad question but I really have no clue. Lets say for this first step of needs I have $1000 budgeted.

29-12-2012, 07:27
Here are a couple more questions
Would you be ok having a separate amp for music I would imagine the receiver will not be as good
I would add a DAC first so I need to know what outputs it has I presume usb does it have a optical out. The reason why I ask is to know if you need a DAC with a USB input I think you probably due so you have to spend about $400 dollars on the DAC and is probably best to get something that is Asynchronous
Some I heard include the VALAB Balanced
and JKDAC32 all will be good DACs the JK is my favourite but can only be used in usb the MDAC has more options and the VALAB whilst very good is not as good as the other two so depends how obsessive you wish to be with your sound
As I said add some decent cables like the Belkin pure silver cables you can pick them up on ebay cheaply

I let others advise you around the amp I am afraid I know very little about AV amps and the same with the sub
I think just adding a DAC will help a lot

29-12-2012, 16:19
Thank you John ill check into that.