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17-12-2012, 19:49
I love my Dacmagic - so why the hell am I selling it? It sounds great, in fact I preferred it at a push to my Caiman but it was very close.

However - and this is where the BM will score - the DM simply doesn't have enough inputs. I'm presently having to run 2 dacs (the DM and a Fiio D3) as I have the tv, MacBook (via an MF V-Link then optical out to the DacMagic) and CD player running through them - the B'master would mean just one box doing the job.

Question is, has anyone moved from a DacMagic (or any of the other good sub-200 quid dacs) to a Bushmaster? Other option would be to go for a used Rega dac but they're still well over 300 quid.

Thanks all for any input. :)

17-12-2012, 20:47
So many of us here have moved on from DM to BM.

My DM was bought second hand almost at the same time as the BM. The BM arrived first and beat my Pink Triangle DaCapo. No shit. Though in fairness, the DaCapo was 90s technology. The DM arrived 2 days later, took it out for a listen and put it back on eBay.

One few things the DM had over the BM are balanced output and USB that makes it more flexible, if that is really important for you. Sound quality wise, I had chosen BM for the quality already mentioned by so many. It is more layered and "darker". It is very good as a headphone amp too!

17-12-2012, 21:09
Thanks Rowlf - appreciate the input. :)

The 2 things you mention re the DM (the XLR's and the USB) don't really matter as I use a V-Link for USB audio and don't have a balanced receiving amplifier. The DM's USB input, whilst loads better than on the Caiman (which is poor imho), still doesn't get near a proper USB/SPDIF converter into a dac's RCA or optical inputs. The USB inputs are just dynamically flat and musically disastrous. And that's being kind.

An async dac may be another kettle though.

Edit: Should've added that I did have a brief play with an M2Tech EVO dac which whilst a definite improvement on the DM it just lacks inputs for me. Sonically though it was fabulous, and a significant upgrade on the DM.

17-12-2012, 22:45
The DM will use one less opamp using the balanced outputs, use an xlr to rca cable and you may notice an improvement in sound quality.

When I switched to the XLR outputs there certainly was a difference and I would say the difference with a caiman was mostly one of presentation (I prefered the caiman's presentation)

Hoping to try the BM in the new year.

18-12-2012, 00:40
Just buy a good dac with a proper well sorted async usb input if usb is your main source, both dacs you mention are decent budget products but have their limitations.
If you like your DM then I suggest you look at the JK3 hiface in the pfm classifieds.

18-12-2012, 03:20
I auditioned both a DM and a Caiman side by side for over a month (both driven via their respective co-axial SP/DIF connections) and massively preferred the Caiman's musical presentation. The DM was less dynamic and tended to round off the leading edges of the notes which made music sound soft and somewhat boring in my system. I would very much like to audition a BM before I pull the trigger on one because I am worried that I may end up in a similar situation as I was with the DM because it has been reported by many that the BM has a more laid back presentation than the Caiman :eyebrows: