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21-10-2012, 06:39

My second post....

Just built my first hi-fi room so starting from scratch really and slowly building up my system and knowledge...listen to all sorts but mainly 70's stuff though it really depends on the mood of course!

Been looking at this excellent site for a few months now. Specifically looking to buy the Beresford Bushmaster to see if it complements my some what junior 'hi-fi' system.

I am looking to improve the sound on my Apple TV 1 (ATV1), I mainly have AAC or lossless, pumped through to Cambridge Audio Azur 640A onto my B&W 685's. Unfortunately my Cambridge Audio Azur 640C CD player has malfunctioned, wherebye only the optical out works, hence the external DAC and I have used a Fiio D3 which in turn has malfunctioned!

Already had a response form Mr Beresford which was great, just putting it out there to anyone who has a similar set up and has some advice as to what to expect.

Owing to me living out in the sticks I am unable to go to demo rooms hence this forum.

Many thanks,


21-10-2012, 07:41
Hello Michael,

I can vouch for the BM and the excellent service from Stan. I used a BM with my ATV2 for a while and really enjoyed the sound. Just make sure that you check compatibility of the ATV1 and BM with Stan first.

Did you actually build a new hifi room? That would be my dream ;)


21-10-2012, 09:51
My wife calls it a kitchen....but my section is definately more hi-fi than hers....managed to sneak it in.....wish I had filled in the new shelf areas that the speakers sit on as they are a bit boomy...thinking of marble bases....

So music:

Fleetwood Mac
Early Elton
Pink Floyd
Cat Stevens....

Then modern stuff:

Colin Hay
Amy Mac
Ben Howard
The Killers
Brandon Flowers..etc

Not really into heavy thrash..love the simple acoustic stuff...just depends on mood.

Already had a reply from Stan saying he was sure it would make a big difference with my ATV1...can I then assume that this is correct, seeing he is THE man.?!



21-10-2012, 16:16
Yes, Stan is probably right. I'm not sure about the ATV1 DAC, but the BM must be better.

Plus it will be able to handle the output from your CD player too.

Apart from the fact that your dac is dead, are you trying to change the sound of the system?

21-10-2012, 18:05
Not really sure what you mean by 'change' as I have nothing to compare it with yet! Just like to hear more instruments and voices really.....just starting out, so just taking it gently at the mo.

To be honest my system sounds pretty good but the CD does not work. So would like to use it as a transport with the BBM Dac for the CD, ATV1 and Sat.

Think the BBM Dac is a non brainer really....just need to camoflague it re Wife..........


23-10-2012, 14:38
This is the Fiio D3 that malfunctioned:


Shame really as I thought it would do a good job....hopefully the BBM will be alot better and I can plug my other toys in it as well!


23-10-2012, 18:38
I see the appeal in the FiiO amps, recently owned the e17, but i question the reliability. I had 3 malfunction.

23-10-2012, 18:47
Thanks ColinB

Guess they can pump them out fast and cheap and not worry too much about quality control.

So the thing is, BBM going to make my day with my set up?

Penny for your thoughts...


23-10-2012, 22:20
Penny for your thoughts...
You've had loads of two cents opinions, which is worth more than a penny at today's exchange rate ;).

24-10-2012, 10:06
Thanks Stan....:)

To be honest it's not the Hi-fi I need to work on it's the Wi-fe....she doesn't understand my/our needs....like I don't understand why she has enough pair of shoes for a caterpillar....

I shall be rattling the piggy soon and think I can camoflague it nicely high up within my hi-fi gear...as the wife is vertically challenged it should be as good as hidden.........unless she wears her new high heels...;)


24-10-2012, 10:40
Thank heaven for wives otherwise we would all be skint and mad !