View Full Version : suggestion for new cd player

10-02-2009, 18:48
good morning
me to ask, your jewel suggestion, for new digital source
me to have thought about transport cd with kit philips CD-Pro2
to combine to a dac:
buffalo dac.....
altmann dac.....
or recommended me you..
thanks of the suggestions loredana

10-02-2009, 19:00

Hello and welcome.
The new Beresford TC-7520 DAC is getting alot of very good reviews(see thread above). If you don't need usb or a top headphone amp you could get the cheaper tc-7510 6/4 that I have which I'm very happy with.

You can see and order here if it interests you and any questions you have Stan is a very helpful man. Just send him an e-mail.


12-02-2009, 13:29
Nothing finer for the cash (or a heck of a lot more!). ;)