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28-08-2012, 20:06
Hi All

I have purchased an AVR300. There is no direct output for the Subwoofer do I have to get another amp just run it?
The Sub is a JR DW2 (which is the later model I think and did not have it's own amp) and has two inputs as well as outputs for left and right speakers. Currently I have it connected to front left and right.
If I get another amp how do I connect the amp to to Sub with the two inputs.
Also is it safe to run without having speakers connected to the outputs from the Sub.


Reid Malenfant
28-08-2012, 20:12
Yes, it's safe to run it without left & right speakers connected :)

The only way I can think that you'd be able to connect a second amp is if the AVR300 has pre outs, or if you make a couple of attenuators using resistors so you can connect the new amplifiers inputs to the speaker outputs of the AVR300.

At least at that point you'd be able to control the subwoofers volume compared to your stereo speakers, which I'm guessing you probably can't right now :scratch:

28-08-2012, 20:29
It has separate outputs for all 8 channels so there is one for the Sub.
The Sub has two inputs do they both need connections or will just one side suffice?
Also is there any recommendation on an amplifier?


Reid Malenfant
29-08-2012, 18:15
You'll be fine using one input, but if the sub is passive as you state then it's probably got a dual voice coil woofer ;)

Assuming the driver is dual 8 ohm, you could wire both positives together & the same with the negatives. If it's 4 ohm though, please don't go there as not many amplifiers will like a 2 ohm load :eek:

Just about any reasonable amp will do the job you want. Something like a Technics or Sony, Pioneer etc. As long as it can output 50 - 100W RMS per channel & handle a 4 ohm load.

It sounds like you have pre outs on the AVR...

I'd get a seperate amp as I mentioned & connect the sub out to one set of inputs, but both channels ;) So you'll need a phono to two phono lead or similar.

Keep the balance central & connect the left side of the sub input to left on the amp, right input to right on the amp. Make sure that you have them wired in phase!

If you don't you'll get no sound & rapidly burn out the woofers voicecoils as it'll be attempting to fight itself :mental:

Then simply set the volume to blend in the sub...

Once that's done you'll only need to adjust the volume on the AVR & the sub will track along with the volume level :)

29-08-2012, 18:32
If you are using this mainly for film soundtracks and the like you would be better getting an active sub and feeding it through the LFE output on the amp. Active subs are pretty cheap these days, especially second-hand.