View Full Version : Crackling Caiman

02-08-2012, 19:59
I have been having issues with my Caiman. Over the last few months it has been developing a crackling distortion problem. It varies in intensity depending on the material but at its worst it is unlistenable. The distortion is present on all inputs now whereas originally it existed solely on input #1. The distortion is similar to that which can be heard from an over-saturated recording on tape, any ideas? The unit was factory fitted with a Gator board by Stan before it left the factory but apart from this it is a standard, unmodified unit. I do not have the original board to test whether the Gator board is at fault, as has has been suggested by several members.

Ali Tait
02-08-2012, 21:46
Sounds like a dry joint somewhere possibly. Could you try it with the passive mod? That may eliminate the Gator as the source of the problem?

02-08-2012, 23:32
I'll read up on it to see what's involved. If the job requires the replacement of the original board then I'm stuck as I don't have one :eyebrows:

03-08-2012, 06:18
I have an original board if you need to borrow one Dave. :)