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19-01-2009, 19:38

I'm intrigued in knowing and learning how you fight dust, audio/vinyl-sake, of course... I'll not accept any issue on "better home cleaning" or "hiring a 24/24-7/7-365/365 audio-nanny"...

Seriously: I'm really in trouble... with statics, too... nothing do!


20-01-2009, 11:15
I don't like to wash my LPs .. they don't need .. just the passages of a good carbon brush.
While I use montly a dry paintbrush to remove dust from my TT and a slightly water humid cloth for amps /preamps/ CD /speakers etc...

20-01-2009, 11:30
a can of air duster is good for CD players and valve amps etc, but I would not recommend usig near cartridges or on electrostatic membranes since it is quite agressive.

20-01-2009, 11:38
I am using a Sharp (FU-40SE) air purifier and while it doesn't eliminate dust 100%,i'd say it keeps the room/equipment about 70-75% dust-free and i've noticed this after i removed it from the room.As for the equipment,well,there's no better way to keep them dust free other than cover them with a soft rug,unless heat (valves etc) is an issue.
For my lps,i use a vpi 17F vacum record cleaner but if you don't want to spend that kind of money,go for a Audioquest or Goldring record brush and use it together with a Milty Zerostat anti-static pistol to eliminate static electricity "pops".For better cleaning and when i don't want to use the vpi,i use Milty's Permostat which is a spray-on thing and includes a double sided spong and for my cartridges's stylus,i use Zerodust Onzow which is one of the cleverest things as cleaners go. I am sure there are better things to use but those were the best i could find at the time.