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11-07-2012, 14:03
Replacement Tivo box last week and I'm setting the new one up again.

I wish to output Tico to my plasma as good as possible and Virgin forumbods suggest set Video output to 720p,1080i.

I have done so but all HD channels show on my telly as 720p, this is with my telly settings to "Just Scan" (1:1 pixel mapping) - e.e. it just shows what its sent.

Virgin broadcasts 1080i as far as I know, so the telly should automatically switch.

Any ideas folks why HD is at 720p?

ta. :cool:

14-07-2012, 09:53
Sorted it.
Virgin crippled the Tivo firmware and disabled the settings to individually select output resolutions.

Set the box to output 720 as I mostly watch SD stuff, but change to 1080i when watching an hd film ooR a concert on Sky Arts or whatever.

Pita but there you go, Virgin stop dumbing down stuff!!!!

15-07-2012, 19:57
Just leave the TiVo set on 1080i... there's hardly any difference to 720p.

Or, if you use a separate AV receiver, do what I do and set the thing to upscale everything to 1080p or whatever resolution you prefer. Simples! :)

30-07-2012, 17:25
Cheers Mike,
trawled the VM forums, its a common complaint.

1080i it is, doesn't look TOO bad on my 50" plasma, though the V+ looked better at same res on SD material.

ah well, just one of those fings. :rolleyes: