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Tony G
18-01-2009, 08:00
I'm not much of a one for these introductions - in fact this is my first on any kind of inet 4 um.
So, born in Wales, living in New South Wales.
Just another aging audio tragic.
Likes many different types of music, a vinyl fan, uses valve amps, single driver horn speakers.
Drawn here by disturbing thoughts of modding an SL 1200, just read the entire 54 pages and still did not find the promised review :scratch:
Never mind, it's all good, have read posts from a number of you in other places over the last few years when researching one thing or another.
Who knows, I may have a little to contribute to the odd discussion.
Oh yes, did I mention I am a Denon cartridge fan :)

18-01-2009, 08:50
Hi Tony, and welcome to the forum. There are a couple of members here with a love of Technics decks and Denon cartridges, as you've noticed! Hope you enjoy yourself :)

18-01-2009, 09:04
Hi Tony,

Welcome to AOS :)

Good to see another Denon fan here. Is it a DL-301 you've got as per your avatar?

Yes, erm, sorry about the lack of promised review of the 1210. This has become a bit of a standing joke amongst some of us - my 'infamous' review, or indeed lack of it! :eyebrows:

Thing is, there just isn't enough hours in the day for me to write everything I want to write, but if you have a read through the Analogue Art and Strokes of Genius sections of the forum you will find all sorts of info on the 1210 which collectively will add up to much more than I'd have been able to include in the original review, so I guess all is not lost! :smoking:

Anyway, have a good scan through the forum and I look forward to reading your views.

Have you got any pictures of your system you can post in the Gallery? It doesn't matter if they don't look 'posh' - it's just for reference purposes.


23-01-2009, 18:31
Welcome to The Art of Sound! :)

Tony G
24-01-2009, 07:24
Thanks for the welcomes.
Yes, I did find a pic of a DL-301 II for an avatar (courtesy of lpgear IIRC) and that is my current cartridge.
Well, on my main deck anyway. ;)
I will consider some pictures, but don't be holding your breath for them, just the usual amp or two, preamp, phono stages, cables everywhere, speakers everywhere, headphones everywhere, headamps and cd players and computers everywhere sort of clutter one associates with an undergrad squat or a computer repair shop. I more or less live amongst it all with a nearfield arrangement of rather oversized speakers.
Together they are about the same size as my fridge - maybe one day I will get it all sorted and turn domestic but for now it just makes much nice noises. Me, I like it and folk like yourselves have helped me find my way there (with a lot of experimentation on my part).