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30-06-2012, 14:22
My 21 year old son keeps nagging me to get a media centre for the main TV in the living room. I am not sure it will be used much as the old Sky box is a 500gb model. Is there anything cheap and reliable that you would recommend?

Ali Tait
30-06-2012, 14:37
The cheapest Roku is fifty quid-


Not heard one, though it gets good reviews.

30-06-2012, 14:39

30-06-2012, 15:46
My advice would be to ignore him for the following reasons (been there and paid big time for the T shirt :lol: )
1) at that age they change their minds all too quickly based on what is the current fashion and what their mates have
2) he's probably got his eye on something very expensive and this is just the thin end of the wedge to get you 'on side'
3) at that age he'll likely be moving out very quicky (uni or GF) and will want to take it with him. If it is likely to encourage him to do so and that's what you want, it might on the other hand, prove to be a good and cost saving investment to buy one :lol:
Oh, the joys of parenthood ;) .

30-06-2012, 18:07
They don't seem to want to move out nowadays Dave. Where else can you live rent free, meals, washing, ironing etc?

30-06-2012, 18:31
When our son was in his early thirties (and after a 6 year spell in the RAF) we politely informed him that we were not willing to subsidise his life style any longer (he was earning reasonable money) and in 3 months time his rent would be on a commercial basis rather than the same as it was when he was a teenager on Youth Opportunity pittance. He quickly moved in with a mate. Our situation was complicated by the fact that his job, as well as his lifestyle, ran on different time zones to ours :lol: .
He still pops back from time to time for a free washing and ironing treat though :lol: .
Hard love they call it, don't they? :lol: ;) .