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Spectral Morn
14-01-2009, 14:35
Hi guys

As part of the closing down sale:( Zavvi have 50% of all Vinyl.

I picked up New Young Pony club Fantasitc Playroom (if you like electronic pop this is a great album and the sounds good too. I also picked up a Capitol 180 gr limited audiophile edition of Coldplay's A rush of blood to the head(hope its good ?)

Anyway just thought you guys would like to know. However i don't know when this started so stock might be low now. In Belfast it was quite good, plenty of albums just not be artists I like. There is also 20% of everything else. On a sad note all bar one of the shops in Northern Ireland have now closed :(

Regards D S D L-----Neil :(

14-01-2009, 15:12
cheers for the heads up Neil. my local zavvi never bothered with vinyl though, despite being a 3 storey building. also the website has no search function for vinyl as a format - makes you wonder why they went belly up:doh:
rush of blood is not a bad LP(2lp?) actually you should enjoy it. i found that x+y was far more compressed. how much did you pay for that one?

Spectral Morn
14-01-2009, 15:29
Hi Muffinman

I paid 7 (full price was 14). Not bad. I went to the other Zavvi (there where two in Belfast) and it was closed and the staff were gutting it. Maybe the stock will go to the other store in Belfast. There was quite a lot of vinyl in the one that has closed. Ironic as it was the first Virgin Mega store to come to Belfast. Amazing stock and staff, back then. The one thats staying open(but for how long ?) was just finished/built about 6 months ago.

Zavvi's website doesn't work anymore.

Regards D S D L---Neil :)

Pool Hall Richard
14-01-2009, 17:11
Aaaah, I was going to ask about their website. Most smaller high street Zavvi's never stocked vinyl so we missed out. I went in the local one at the weekend. 20% off but couldnt find anything I was after really. Bit of a shame.

03-02-2009, 11:11
The Zavvi sale has been great for me but not for my wallet! First run at it I grabbed a load of vinyl - mostly the new U2 pressings of their early albums, the latest David Gilmour, and other stuff. Then I went back this weekend and decided it was time to get the same U2 albums on CD (with the extra bonus CDs) and The Who's Maximium RnB box set. I don't normally buy music in such big lumps, but the sale discounts got me hooked!