View Full Version : hadcock 228 super set up/cart rec's

07-01-2009, 19:45
has anyone here had any experiences with the set up of the hadcock gh228 super mk3 with Unilift? just took a punt on one after hearing so many good things about them, although i have heard a fair few unipivots and havnt been impressed as yet. how would it fair with the likes of the denons 110/160, the ortofon 2m black or lyra dorians? its to use as a second arm on a nas spacedeck with heavy kit and achromat, i did read somewher ethat the hadcocks dont like cartridges that are too heavy.
any info and feedback much appreciated,
cheers, Al :)

07-01-2009, 21:42
I dont know but I remember that quite a few people on the World Designs forum used GH tonearms but it was quite some time ago.

Please come back to us though.

07-01-2009, 22:29
Is like this?


07-01-2009, 22:40
hi mike, i think it is (havnt recieved it yet) but i have no experiences of the hadcock. apparently, they are fiddly to set up, but are supposed to be very musical, totally opposite to a gimbal.

08-01-2009, 11:25
I've been using a GH242 for a few years now and yes they are fiddly to set up and need care when in use. However, the instructions are clear and if you take your time and persevere with it they will reward you with a very musical sound.

I'm a total convert to the unipivot and would not want to readily go back to a gimbal type arm.

08-01-2009, 11:36
ta for that :)
i'm looking forward to fiddling with it when i recieve it, all the other uni's i have tried have been a bit too soft to my ears, expansive yes, but lose out dynamically to gimbals.
i'll post my findings when i get it and have it running :)

Al :)