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07-01-2009, 19:10
only just got a link for this site by a mate, never knew it existed til nooo! :)

quite a few familiar peeps here, so hello to everyone, my names Al and i'm an alcoholic............:cool:

i'll be visiting a bit by the looks of it, looks a good forum!
take it eaaaasy, laterz :gig:

07-01-2009, 19:30
Aye up...here's trouble ;)

Welcome Al - hope you like it here mate :)

07-01-2009, 19:32
hi Rich, hows tricks? :)
i'll be recieving the lp12 soon, cant wait i tell thee! be nice to get aquainted again with one. still cant believe i never knew 'bout this place! :)

07-01-2009, 19:37
Hey, better late than never! Glad you found us Al!

http://img3.mysmiley.net/imgs/smile/animated/anim_16.gif (http://www.mysmiley.net/free-sign-smileys.php)

07-01-2009, 19:39
'ello matey :)

07-01-2009, 19:41
Nice one about the LP12 Al - this one I'm borrowing's providing with me some fun. There really is something about the old girl which ticks a lot of the right boxes. :)

Look forward to reading up what you think of it. :)

07-01-2009, 19:46
Hi Al, welcome. By the way, it's your round I think. :beer:

07-01-2009, 19:49
Hi Al, welcome. By the way, it's your round I think. :beer:

hi matey, lol, i wish i had the funds, got another mouth to feed on the way, so i can just afford corpy pop and aldi bread with baked beans! :champagne: :violin: :violin: :violin:

07-01-2009, 19:56
I believe you need one more violin to attain real sympathy (or should that be symphony?).

Never mind, I like cheap baked beans so I'm in. :lol:

07-01-2009, 19:58
will this do then (i need sympathy!) :violin: :violin: :violin: :violin: :violin: :violin: :violin: :violin:
:lolsign: :lol:

07-01-2009, 19:59
Whoa! You're over qualified! :lol: