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07-01-2009, 05:05
Hello everybody and a happy hi-fi new year from Auckland New Zealand. A friend recommended this site to me after finding a review of one of Murray Dick's amazing Ecofan SE amps on it. Another fine NZ audio product!
My system is ever changing around an enormous amount of gear I have accumulated over my years as an audio obsessive. Speakers include JBL 4344 Studio Monitors, Tannoy 15" Golds currently in Lancaster cabs but having GRF Pros built for them, Tannoy 12" HPDs in 150 litre dual ported cabs (awesome!), Yamaha NS1000Ms (one of the last made), Rogers LS3/5As 11 ohm and 15 ohm, Quad ESL 63s and Snell Type Ds. Amps include Pye HF10 Mozarts, grey Leak Stereo 20/Varislope 3/Troughline 3, Jeff Rowland Coherence pre and Model 7 monos, Conrad Johnson Premier 14 pre, Lewitt dual mono Firefly pre and Lewitt Phoenix 120 watt hybrid class A monos (another rare NZ made amp), Yamaha C2a pre, Audio Research SP6A and MCP-2, Audi Syntheseis Passion Pro passive on loan, Ecofan 5 watt SE on loan (one on order), Atma-Sphere MA 60/2 OTL monos (NZ made), Quad 34/405.
TTs include EMT 950 347 BBC spec DD,Thorens TD 125 Mk2, Denon DP-3000. Digital sources are Marantz CD7,Marantz DR17 CD recorder,Marantz DV-6600, Wadia 8, Theta Pro Gen 111. Plus Nakamichi ZX-7, Revox A76 FM tuner, Quad AM3.
Different cables, mainly Cardas and Moray James, in use.
The Ecofan, Passion Pro, Wadia 8/Theta and Tannoy HPDs are currently playing in the living room. Wonderful full range, pure and dynamic sound. In case you think I am a dillettante millionaire, the total cost of everything I have got is less than the price of a pair of Tannoy Westminsters or B&W 800s. And about a thousand times the fun. And my missus puts up with me (just!). There can be a few tense moments though when something new, large and in her eyes ugly arrives like the EMT.
I'll post some pictures soon.
Cheers, Stephen.

07-01-2009, 08:34
Welcome Stephen! So you're a 'collector' too ;) Some fantastic bits of kit. I'd love to see some pics! Where do you manage to keep it all?!

Spectral Morn
07-01-2009, 11:31
Welcome to AOS and wow what a great set up and amount of gear you have.

I am the reason your here, as it was I that wrote the review of the 5 watt Ecofan amp you have on order. What an amazing amp (one of the best I have ever heard). It makes all of my other kit (amplifiers) sound veiled, lacking in purity and as Murray Dick puts it lacking in" thereness ".

I exchanged PM's with Adam from Ecofan yesterday and thanked him for his interest in what I had written. His message is on my profile page.

Anyway welcome and enjoy, I am sure you will add much to the AOS forum

Regards D S D L---- Neil :)

07-01-2009, 11:51
Hi Stephen and welcome. You've certainly got some wonderful kit there. I think you'll get on rather well with Jerry (JANDL100), he's got a 'thing' for lots of different kit and regular changes to his system.